True To His Word, Ryan Fitzpatrick Celebrated Shirtless After The Bills Win Last Night

Ryan Fitzpatrick Buffalo Bills

Who doesn’t love Ryan Fitzpatrick?

The NFL vet who played for 9 teams over his 17 year long career has turned himself into a national icon for more than a few reasons.

He had the highest score ever on the Wonderlic test, dressed up as Desean Jackson at a press conference, became the first quarterback in history to throw for 400+ yards in three straight games in 2018 for the Buccaneers, and was a consistent presence around the league, filling in as a starter and mentoring countless young QB’s, who always heeded the advice of the Harvard grad.

Oh yeah, he also gave the greatest pre-game pump up speech with the most voice cracks in league history before leading the Texans to a win against his former team the Buffalo Bills.

But speaking of the Bills, if there’s one team that will forever be linked to Ryan Fitzpatrick, it’s them.

He had the longest tenure with them (4 years) and although neither he nor the team had much success during that run, fans were forever grateful for the passion and effort that he put out for them.

And he never forgot Buffalo, as he proved when he took in a Bills vs Patriots game in the crowd last year, just being one of the Bills faithful, with his shirt off in 5 degree weather… Yes 5 degree weather with his shirt off, like the absolute legend that he is.

These days, Fitzpatrick is an analyst for the NFL on Amazon and to say it looks like he loves his job is an understatement. He’s always around for Thursday night games with a massive smile on his face and actually provides some interesting commentary, which is certainly a rarity on those typically boring panels.

Last night, the Buffalo Bills played the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, two of his former teams matching up against each other, but if there was any doubt who he was pulling for deep down, it was squared away when he followed through on a pre-game promise.

Fitzpatrick said he would rip his shirt off and celebrate chest hairs in the wind if Buffalo came out on top, which they did with a 24-18 victory, and as promised, he went tarps off for the Bills.

There’s really not many more words to say, you’ve just got to watch to enjoy the Fitzmagic of it the moment.

This guy really is a living legend.



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