Dog Manages To Escape After Alligator Drags It Into The Water

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Thankfully this one had a happy ending.

When it comes to saltwater, I try to stay as far away as physically possible.

I mean c’mon, I’ve seen way too many videos of people, dogs, etc. getting snatched up by an alligator that was lurking in the water, only to never be seen again.

Alligators are some sneaky creatures, and throw in the fact that they perfectly blend in with the water, they can be pretty difficult to detect.

In this video, you can see a dog hanging out on a boat dock.

All of a sudden, the “good boy” notices something swimming towards him.

Curious to see what it is, the dog lowers his nose to greet the oncoming creature, but little did it know that the creature was an alligator.

The gator leaps from the water and bites down on the dog’s face, dragging it down in the water.

You can see the man on the yacht nearby nearly getting ready to jump in and save the dog, but luckily it appears the dog was able to get away from the gator.

And in a funny part of the video, you can see another guy sprint in from the other direction, and hilariously slipping and falling.

I guess he better be happy he didn’t fall in, because this gator wasn’t playing any games.

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock