Would Taylor Swift Be Flattered By This 400-Pound Pumpkin In Ohio That’s Painted To Look Like Her?

Taylor Swift pumpkin
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Taylor Swift was already on the top of the world, but now she also has the honor of saying she’s the face of a 400-pound pumpkin in Ohio.

There’s really only one way to say this: Taylor Swift is making a sh*t-ton of money right now. Her Eras Tour has basically supported the U.S. economy, she released a concert film that is currently number one at the box office, and her recent relationship with NFL star Travis Kelce has certainly given her more time in the spotlight.

Things are going so well for Swift that she even became the focus of a massive pumpkin painting project in Ohio, though I’m assuming she’s not getting any residuals for the pumpkin-version of herself (she could always sue I guess).

Jeanette Paras, the artist behind the pumpkin art, would probably welcome the attention, considering she’s leaned all the way into the Swift craze with her “Taylor SwiftKin.”

Paras fashioned the T-Swift pumpkin with a phenomenal paint job, a giant wig (made out of nine wigs weaved together), and sweet potato ears with dangling earrings.

The artist creates a celebrity pumpkin every year, and Paras told the Columbus Dispatch that choosing this year’s figure was a piece of cake (or pumpkin pie):

“Her concert tour! Her merchandising. She was just the head of the pack for the pumpkin.”

Take a look at the impressive pumpkin art below:

And before you roll your eyes at yet another Taylor Swift-themed story, this one actually has some great reasoning behind it. Jeanette Paras, the “crazy pumpkin lady,” is a two-time breast cancer survivor, and uses her annual pumpkin display as a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research.

Paras and the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research (at the Ohio State University) have partnered together for the fundraiser. A site to give money towards Breast Cancer Research can be visited at this link, and the first $2,500 that are donated will be matched.

Paras loves to be able to help raise money during this time of the year, and says that’s one of the reasons that drives her to do her pumpkin display every year:

“That’s one reason I do this. The other reason is that I think I’m funny.”

I’d say Paras definitely has a sense of humor considering she’s considered a “crazy pumpkin lady,” though she won’t think its funny when 1,000 screaming Swifties show up to her doorstep for selfies with “Taylor Swiftkin.”

Because if we know anything about Swifties, the Dublin, Ohio front porch that this 400-pound pumpkin is sitting on will be swarmed every single night.

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