Miracle On Ice 2023: Hockey Bettor Puts $2 On 16-Leg Frozen Frenzy Parlay, Wins Over $13,600

Connor Bedard
Bill Smith/NHLI via Getty Images

Do you believe in miracles?

For all of you sports bettors out there, you know that a weekend (or week) full of betting can turn out incredible, or absolutely devastating to your bank account. You know, you have one good week of betting and you think you’ve cheated the system, and decide to throw even more money down the next, and next thing you know you’re down several hundred bucks.

I’ve always been incredibly jealous of the folks out there who know how to put down small bets, and turn it into big money.

For me, I can’t say I’ve ever had any luck doing that. But for this bettor right here? They turned two bucks into several THOUSAND.

A parlay is currently going viral of a hockey bettor who put together the following 16-leg parlay during Tuesday night’s Frozen Frenzy, where all 32 NHL teams were in action. He picked a winner on all 16 games, betting just a measly $2 dollars on:

Toronto Maple Leafs -170

Buffalo Sabres +128

Tampa Bay Lightning -104

New Jersey Devils -230

Dallas Stars -114

Florida Panthers -265

Colorado Avalanche -146

Seattle Kraken +112

Boston Bruins -230

Anaheim Ducks +122

Winnipeg Jets -172

Minnesota Wild -115

Vancouver Canucks -102

New York Rangers -125

Los Angeles Kings -196

Vegas Golden Knights -235

An absolute Hail Mary of a +680141 bet, especially in a sport like hockey where even the worst teams in the league can win on any given night. Last year, the bottom of the barrel teams were still winning 20-30 games on the season so it’s damn near impossible to hit 16 games on one night. Hell, it’s tough to hit three in one night. But he did it… $2 to win $13,604.83 on FanDuel.

Even the fact that they only put down $2 shows just how confident they were it could hit… but sure enough, every single bet hit, and they’re $13,604.83 richer. I just hope this person didn’t go around making a huge deal about their winnings, because I’m sure several “friends” will be asking for a little cash here soon.

Check it out:

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