Denver Broncos QB Russell Wilson Rented Out A Waffle House To Celebrate His Wife Ciara’s 38th Birthday

Ciara Russell Wilson at Waffle House

Now this is the way to get people back on your side.

Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson went from a fan-favorite NFL player to the butt of the joke faster than it takes to say “Broncos country, let’s ride.”

The turning point seemed to be when the former Seattle Seahawks star took his talents to Denver to play for the Broncos, and got the Brinks truck backed up to his house to do so (7 years for $296 million).

Last year, it looked like it was one of the worst deals in the history of the NFL, with Wilson playing what was statistically the worst of his entire career. And though he is slinging the ball a lot better this year, his team still has a record of 2 and 5, proving that the “ride” Broncos country has been on has been bumpy, to say the least.

Wilson has taken a lot of heat in the past two seasons, and even received some harsh criticism from the new Broncos Head Coach Sean Payton (who hasn’t helped to smooth out the “ride” so far).

Payton said in an interview that Wilson should stop worrying about his image so much, saying:

“Will you f**king stop kissing all the babies? You’re not running for public office.”

It’s really just been a mess for Russell on the football field, but off the field, he’s still winning plenty. Wilson has been married to singer and songwriter Ciara since 2016, and the talented artist just celebrated her 38th birthday.

To celebrate, Russell first posted a mushy message on his Instagram account:

And though the social media post probably went over well, what Wilson decided to do for Ciara’s birthday dinner was the biggest and best gift of the special day.

Russell finally nailed the “play call,” and decided to rent out an entire Waffle House (and fancy it up) for his wife’s birthday celebration. The beautiful restaurant is apparently one of Ciara’s favorite places to eat, considering what she said in the video:

“Babe! This is like next level. This is like top, top! My honey knows how much I love Waffle House!

He rented out the whole Waffle House and I am the happiest girl in the world.”

Way to go Russ, you’ve definitely got me back on your side now.

I was going to link some of the social media comments about Russell Wilson renting out the popular breakfast (and hangover-curing) establishment, but basically everyone was just saying “hope he grabbed a job application, he’ll be working there soon” and things of that nature, so we’ll just avoid going down that negativity rabbit hole.

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