NFL Fans Are Wondering If Russell Wilson Can Even Read His Tiny Print Arm Band

Russel Wilson
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Broncos country, let’s read… really small print.

Whatever happened to Russell Wilson? He used to be an elite quarterback, and people proudly bought and wore his Seattle Seahawks jersey for years.

And though I’m sure some people bought his Denver Broncos jersey when he signed there, they (like the Broncos front office) are probably wishing they could get their money back.

Seven years, $296 million to be exact…

After formerly being considered a top-of-the-line NFL quarterback, Russell Wilson is now mainly the butt of the joke. Social media is always quick to jump on him, and noticed something funny ahead of tonight’s Thursday Night Football game.

The Kansas City Chiefs (yes, Taylor Swift is there) and Denver Broncos are battling it out on Amazon Prime, and a close-up camera shot of Russell Wilson’s arm revealed an interesting play-call armband.

It’s not entirely out of the normal for quarterbacks to wear armbands, though you usually don’t see veteran QB’s like Russell sporting them.

And you definitely don’t see a veteran wearing an arm band with THIS MANY plays in that small of font. Social media can’t help but ask how Wilson is able to read anything that’s on the band.

Take a look:

X users started speculating about the armband, showing no mercy and making all of the jokes that are physically possible, with most of them at Wilson’s expense:


Does Russell Wilson deserve all of that slander? Probably not, but since the “ride” that he invited Broncos country to go on has been rocky (to say the least), I’d say the jokes are warranted.

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