Parks & Wrex: Rob McElhenney Calls In Chris Pratt To Help Prank Ryan Reynolds For His Birthday

Chris Pratt Wrexham
Rob McElhenney

If you are a fan of Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney, Chris Pratt, Wrexham A.F.C, or Parks and Recreation, you’ll have a blast watching this video.

Reynolds (Deadpool) and McElhenney (It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia) were already successful in their own careers, but they’ve definitely grown in popularity after they went in together to buy a historic soccer (football) squad in Wales.

They’ve since become great friends, starring in a documentary series about their football team called Welcome To Wrexham, and the two stars never shy away from poking fun and pranking one another.

One of the “pranks” that the Reynolds and McElhenney have made tradition is getting strange, ridiculous birthday presents for one another. This past April, Reynolds wished his friend a very happy birthday by putting together an educational song to help the world learn how to pronounce his last name.

So McElhenney decided to return the favor for Reynolds’ 47th birthday (he looks great for 47), and called in a fellow movie star and friend Chris Pratt to fulfill the perfect punny announcement of a new park opening up in Wrexham, Wales in honor of Ryan Reynolds.

The It’s Always Sunny creator and star called upon the former Parks and Recreation funny man to announce the opening of the Ryan Rodney Reynolds Memorial Park in Wrexham, Wales, where McElehenney and Reynolds’ soccer team is located.

The park will feature green spaces, pop-up restaurants, movie screenings, and in the best and funniest touch, lanterns that are lit up with green lights, to forever make fun of Ryan Reynolds’ superhero box office flop (Green Lantern).

You can learn more about the park (that is soon to open) at its official website,, which is another great touch on the Parks and Recreation pun. And as a fellow Parks and Rec fan, it’s always great to see and hear the theme song to the all-time-great TV show.

Take a look at the hilarious announcement and Happy Birthday message to Ryan Reynolds below:

“Happy birthday, Ryan Reynolds! This year I had to bring in an actual superhero…”

Reynolds responded, looking forward to weeping in his own park when his soccer team loses:

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