The Internet Sounds Off On Recent College Grad Complaining About Not Making $250K: “College WAS The Experience”

College meltdown

Okay, we’ve all felt underpaid at one point or the other in life, but this is taking it to a whole new level.

A fitness influencer named Allison Johnson posted a TikTok while on the way to her sushi server job and it got the entire world pretty fired up when it went viral and was reposted to X.

Basically, she’s complaining that she makes more money at her current job than she would at an entry level marketing job which she has a degree in. Not saying there’s nothing to be said for starting salaries at some of these big companies, but the salary she wants to have right out of the gate at 24 years old is absolutely bananas…

Here’s what she said.

“I have a bone to pick with AMERICA! So I’m headed to my serving job. I f*cking hate it. I f*cking hate it. 

We want to make more money serving. I have my literal business marketing degree that put me in a cute $80,000 in debt? And I make more serving sushi rolls cause I’ve been applying to marketing jobs f*cking for weeks now and the pay cut is insane. Insane! 

But the jobs that are like a cute $150 to $250 thousand dollars a year? I’m not getting those. I’m almost 25 year old, my birthday’s soon, almost 25 year old chick going against, you know, corporate ass America, people with so much experience, all I got is my degree. 

You know people say get your degree but then they don’t talk about how you need experience. The degree was the experience!”

@fitnesswithalison somebody, anybody..make it make sense. #servinglife #serving #collegedegree #debt #brokeasf #servelife #server #mentalhealth ♬ original sound – ALISON JOHNSON | FITNESS

So I said hold up, wait a minute, something ain’t right…

Are you telling me this chick thought she was going to get a starting salary of $250,000 a year? Who told her this? You think college was the experience? You think a few group projects and an intro level accounting class gets you ready to hop in and run marketing for multi-billion dollar corporations? Where did you get this from?

How do you think all those “people with so much experience” got that experience? They were just handed a Director of Marketing role 15 years ago and told good luck, go get’em tiger? She can’t be serious, right?

The point of getting a degree is to get you in at the base level, where you then learn actual job skills so you can provide value and climb up to whatever place you want to get to, I mean, am I the crazy one?

Just for fun, I decided to pull some of the starting and career average salaries for some positions to see how they stack up with her expectations.

Brain Surgeon: Starting $65,780, Average $264,160
Rocket Scientist/Engineer: $52,914, $73,570
Lawyer: $61,560, $131,520
Chemical Engineer: $62,730, $105,550

So yeah, I’d say her expectations were a bit skewed going into the whole thing…

Naturally, some people agreed with her in the comment section but overwhelmingly people had the same reaction I did.

On one hand, I do feel a bit bad for her because she was clearly given some poor guidance at some point in her life. No one makes that much money coming right out of college. Sure, it opens the door to much higher paying jobs in the future, but given the average salary in the US is $59,428, she’s out of her mind to think six-figures just presents itself with a degree.

This could have been a good learning experience for her, but I don’t think she’s taking it that way, as she followed up that post with this one. Maybe the degree isn’t the problem, it could be the attitude…

@fitnesswithalison I said what i said #collegelife #collegedebt #wasteoftime #collegegotmelike #fordbronco #imbroke #collegestudent #serverlife ♬ original sound – ALISON JOHNSON | FITNESS

Also she apparently doesn’t know the difference between “There, Their, and They’re” so it’s possible all of these cover letters and resumes she’s writing are chalk full of grammatical mistakes.

Okay I need to stop, I’m way to invested in this…

@fitnesswithalison a college degree and years of life later….🫠 we love a supportive king tbh. #their #there #fml #collegegrad #latenight #dayinthelife #ugh ♬ original sound – ALISON JOHNSON | FITNESS

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