Whiskey Myers Discusses Their Upcoming Acoustic Tour: “We Said Let’s Try It Again, Maybe It Won’t Suck”

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Not one you want to miss.

With only six dates, Whiskey Myers is bringing along some of the best for their upcoming acoustic tour. While the band is known for its southern rock tracks and electric stage performances, Cody Cannon and the boys are stripping it down for this tour.

Only for part of the show, though, because the band will still give a full group performance during the shows too. Talk about a dream lineup…

While this might be the first time Whiskey Myers is taking an acoustic set on tour, this isn’t the first time Cody Cannon and the group have done acoustic sets.

“I used to do stuff every year just by myself, or then I’d do me and Tony. We had a deal at a festival we used to have called Firewater, where we played together full band…like last-minute acoustic, and we actually had a good time.

So, we said, let’s try it again…maybe it won’t suck.” 

While I’m not sure that “suck” and Whiskey Myers belong in the same sentence together, it was neat hearing Cannon talk about how they used to do more acoustic sets.

While he might not be able to run around the stage like he does during his current shows for the acoustic portion of the show, fans will be able to enjoy his unbridled vocal talent.

Everyone show out to these dates because, selfishly, I want them to add more acoustic dates to come near me.

@whiskeyriff A show you won’t want to miss. #whiskeyriff #countrymusic #whiskeymyers #rebelsandrenegades2023 ♬ original sound – Whiskey Riff

The Band’s First-Ever Acoustic Tour

This is going to be an absolutely can’t-miss show.

Not only will fans have the opportunity to see Whiskey Myers acoustic, the tour will feature Brent Cobb, Aaron Raitiere and Adam Hood as openers.

Whiskey Myers of course puts on a kickass, full-throttle live show that is second to none, but seeing them play a fully acoustic set will probably be other worldly.

Unfortunately, this tour only includes six dates in total, but hopefully, they might do another run with a similar acoustic set in 2024 because I NEED to see this live.

The tour will feature unique versions of fan-favorite songs from across the band’s full discography including stellar and timeless records like FirewaterMudWhiskey Myers, and their most recent 2022 record Tornillo.

Tickets for the acoustic shows are on sale now.

Whiskey Myers Acoustic Tour Dates:

12/01/23 Birmingham, AL – Alabama Theatre
12/02/23 Pelham, TN – The Caverns
12/06/23 Akron, OH – Akron Civic Center
12/07/23 Louisville, KY – The Louisville Palace Theater
12/08/23 Fort Wayne, IN – Embassy Theatre
12/09/23 Rockford, IL – Coronado Performing Arts Center

And this video is 12 years old now, but it never fails to cut me deep down in my soul. I mean, a whole night of this plus the full band?

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