Stephen A. Smith Calls Out Shedeur Sanders For Pushing Merch During Game: “Y’all Are Getting Your A** Kicked”

Stephen A Smith

Remember when people were talking about Deion Sander’s Colorado team making a run for the college football playoff?

We’re a long ways removed from that, as the Buffaloes have been corralled in recent weeks by PAC-12 opponents, and now sit at a record of 4-3 after dropping three of their last four games.

In case you missed it, the Deion Sanders led Colorado team looked to be coasting to another win this past weekend against Stanford, but things quickly and historically fell apart. The Buffaloes were up 29 to nothing at halftime, and ended up losing the game in double overtime 46 to 43.

Instead of sharing video from the game, I’ll instead just show you the “many faces of Head Coach Deion Sanders” during various parts of the game:

Colorado took some heat for choking the game away, and many analysts started to tear into the Buffaloes for celebrating their victory early and not staying focused enough to close out the game.

Some potential evidence that supports that criticism is the (alleged) fact that Colorado quarterback (and son of Deion Sanders) Shedeur Sanders shared a link to his personally branded merchandise store on his social media at HALFTIME of the game that they ended up blowing.

One person that lost their mind about that is a sports analyst who basically loses their mind for a living, Stephen A. Smith. He had some strong words about Shedeur and Colorado on yesterday’s episode of First Take:

“I believe that Deion Sanders is a coach. I think he’s a hell of a coach. He needs some ‘dogs’ as he told us. He’s about seven or eight ‘dogs’ away, but here’s the problem.

The players got caught up in the shine their coach generated, and I’m calling out his son Shedeur Sanders, who I love and I think has star written all over him.

But whether it was you, or by accident it was somebody on your social media team, you cannot have something being posted at halftime of a damn game.”

Stephen A. Smith is right about this one, as he often is (or at least seems like he is). You cannot start celebrating a win early, because karma is always there to quickly humble you and bring you crashing back down to Earth.

Smith stuck the landing of his take with some expertise on ass kicking, saying:

“Tom Brady and your dad already joked with you about what you were driving around with and how you needed to be in the film room.

Well guess what? It is no longer a laughing matter. Y’all are getting your ass kicked.”

You can view Stephen A. Smith’s fiery teardown of the Colorado Buffaloes in the clip below:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock