Bow Fisherman Snipes A Silver Carp Out Of Mid Air

bowfishing for carp

There are people who can shoot a bow and then there’s this guy, clearly not your average bow hunter/fisherman.

Bow fishing is an exhilarating a relatively new way to fish and hunt at the same time. In areas where it is allowed, target species are generally over-populated with the goal of reducing the population. The most common species targeted is unquestionably carp, an invasive species in North America.

People go out and look for fish from a boat, sometimes at night with big spotlights, and when they spot them, try and make a shot with an arrow. If they get a good hit, they use a reel attached to the arrow to haul in their catch.

That wasn’t enough for this guy. He is seen standing ready on a boat. A silver carp (type of invasive Asian carp known for flying out of the water) jumps out of the water, the man lines it up and shoots. Bingo.

Nailed him mid-air, and starts winding on the reel to bring him back to the boat. Dude is shootin’ like Robin Hood on a fast moving boat… I mean, is that not an incredible shot?

Check it out.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock