“Don’t Trade For Jerry Jeudy” – Steve Smith Delivers Emphatic Anti-Endorsement Of The Broncos WR

Steve Smith
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Agent 89 strikes again.

Steve Smith Sr. is nothing if not a man who speaks his mind and has zero chill in doing so. For whatever reason, Denver Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy decided to mouth off to Smith prior to his team’s AFC West duel with the Chiefs on Thursday night.

Please behold man as the paragon of animals as Smith hops on the mic, relays his pregame exchange with Jeudy and drops said mic on Jeudy’s eye in front of a live, national TV audience:

In the interest of time sensitivity I won’t log every quote from Smith’s diatribe.

Suffice it to say, when Jeudy is looking for positive references as his name gets floated in trade rumors, he’ll have a hard time rebounding from this.

Smith alludes to a recent time when he called Jeudy “JAG”, which is an acronym for “just a guy.” I went down a quick rabbit hole and discovered Smith actually said this as far back as almost a year to this very day!

So yeah. Jerry Jeudy: Just a guy. As opposed to, you know, the dynamic playmaker the Broncos hoped they were drafting 15th overall in 2020. To be fair, Denver’s offense has been an exercise in organized sporting incompetence for the most part since Jeudy’s arrival.

Dude is already on his third full-time head coach in four seasons. Lack of continuity and subpar quarterback play don’t help the cause.

Having said that, let me reiterate, Smith told no lies here. Jeudy had huge expectations coming out of Alabama. Universally heralded as a magnificent route-runner. Back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons to finish his collegiate career, including 24 TD catches in that span.

While Jeudy is coming off his best year to date of 67 receptions, 972 yards and six scores, the fact that he went seven picks before Justin Jefferson makes his rather lackluster production to date pretty rough. JJ just went to IR. Still, he’s pretty good:

Who knows? Nathaniel Hackett might still be a head coach if Jefferson were Denver’s pick at 15th overall instead of Jeudy. The Broncos could’ve gone to the playoffs last year maybe!

Only kind of kidding about that. Remember when the ’22 squad had that elite defense that “Danger” Russ Wilson and Nat Hack squandered? Sorry. I’ll stop now. Don’t want to send Denver fans into a collective tailspin amid a 1-4 start as they hope to at least cover a double-digit spread against the reigning Super Bowl champs. Good luck tonight, y’all… Sounds like you’re in fire sale mode!

In what reality does Jeudy go out there and ball out? How in his own head must he be after Smith undressed him like this? To be honest, I’m rooting for Jerry Jeudy to pull it all together, go for 100+ and two TDs, spearhead the Broncos’ charge to a massive upset, and then stroll into a follow-up interview with Smith afterwards to talk smack.

Especially after Jeudy started dancing right behind him during the broadcast:

That will happen somewhere in the vast multiverse. Let’s hope that sequence of events graces our timeline this evening.

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