Dallas Cowboys Fans Mop Bar Floor With Dak Prescott Jersey After Rough Outing Against San Francisco

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It’s Wednesday, and I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around the absolute beatdown the San Francisco 49ers handed the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night.

There was so much hype going into the game, as both teams were playing like two of the best teams in the NFL, with Dallas at 3-1 and San Fran at 4-0.

However, it looked more like the 2007 Patriots playing the 2008 Lions. The Cowboys turned the ball over four times (including three Dak Prescott interceptions), and Dallas’s “elite defense” looked like they couldn’t stop a small child as the 9ers went on to win 42-10…

Yeah, that marks the worst defeat in the history of the rivalry between the Cowboys and 49ers.

As a Cowboys fan, it was incredibly frustrating to watch, because they have all of the key pieces to be a Super Bowl contender, but can’t put it together year after year. It feels like a broken record at this point, and I’ve just come to expect it and refuse to get my hopes up at this point in my fandom.

But Cowboys fans are known to be some of the rowdiest, most passionate fans in all of the NFL, and some of them are apparently still pretty invested in this team…although it appears that many of them are starting to become unhinged with the constant disappointment.

And here is a perfect example.

Video footage is going viral of a Cowboys fan putting a Dak Prescott jersey on the end of a mop at a bar, and mopping the floor with the jersey.

Yep, I’d say they’ve officially had enough of the BS.

I’ll admit, I’ve been a Prescott stan ever since he got the starting job in Dallas back in 2015, but it’s starting to become pretty obvious that he might not be the guy who can take the ‘Boys back to the glory days of the ’90s.

Nevertheless, a pretty funny video.

Check it out:

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