Retired Couple Spent 455 Straight Days On Cruises Because It Was Cheaper Than A Retirement Home

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Sometimes all you have to do is crunch the numbers to realize you can afford to live the dream life.

That’s what Marty and Jess Ansen are doing, and they are loving every bit of it. The retired Australian couple are literally sailing off into the sunset, and they are saving money by doing so.

When they sat down and started looking at finances, they realized they could actually save money by cruising long-term rather than checking themselves into a retirement community. And since that’s a no-brainer, they decided to take to the high seas:

“Marty and Jess Ansen, a retired Australian couple, have embarked on a unique retirement plan by booking fifty-one consecutive cruises.

Finding that life aboard a cruise ship is more cost-effective than a retirement home, the pair have spent almost 500 days exploring the globe.”

What a great idea, and besides not seeing family, it seems like there’s not really a downside to the whole thing.

Jess certainly didn’t think so, and said in an interview with A Current Affair that they stay busy aboard the ship:

“It’s our lifestyle. Where else can you go? You go for dinner, you go to a show, you go dancing.

Through the day you have all these activities, and I love the hula dancing and the ball room dancing.”

Jess’ husband Marty agreed that staying on the cruise ship for close to two years was the best choice for them, and told the reporter:

“This was the best answer really: go cruising. See the world and meet (new) people and make life-long friends. It’s a wonderful life.”

And since they’ve decided to stay aboard the cruise ship for 51 consecutive cruises, they are actually spending more time on the ship than the captains and the crew.

General manager Ren Van Rooyen actually comes and goes from the ship, and finds comfort in knowing that Jess and Marty are always aboard:

“We always make a joke that I go away and I come back and it’s like coming to see my family and my mom and dad. They’re like my second mom and dad on board.”

The general manager of the cruise line also stated that the retired couple have easily become the talk of the cruise:

“Everyone knows them on the ship and they’re basically celebrities on board. Even the guests know about them when they come on board, (they ask) ‘aren’t you the guests that are staying here for two years?'”

To be honest, I am so happy for Jess and Marty Ansen. They are truly living their best lives, and I think they might’ve figured out a loophole that goes against the typical retirement community route.

Marty certainly thinks so, even though he does say there are a couple of downsides to cruising 24/7, 365 days a year:

“Now, we don’t know how to wash up anymore. We don’t know how to make a bed because we haven’t done it for so long. Now we’ve got to stay on board just to stay alive.”

Doesn’t sound that bad…

You can view the news story about the Ansen’s below:

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