Eric Church Reveals His Fool-Proof Hangover Cure: “Works Every Time”

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Hangover… we’ve all had ’em.

In fact, I don’t trust anybody that says they’ve never had one. And when you hit a certain age, they get ugly. Really ugly. If you’re still a young buck, enjoy it while you can… your days are numbered, my friend.

But when it comes to hangovers, the obvious question is: How to fight it?

Water, Pedialyte, greasy food, vitamins, hair of the dog… everybody has their own method for dealing with the madness… even an old pro like Eric Church.

Jack Daniel’s has been know to kick his ass a time or two, and if you’ve ever tangled with that the black label yourself, you know damn well a Jack hangover is not for the faint of heart. A while back, Eric was doing a radio interview when he was asked what his hangover cure was.

Here’s what he said:

Option 1: “5-Hour Energy because of all the B vitamins in it, you can start pounding those. It’s either gonna work or keep you up so you can prolong your misery.”

Pound 5-Hour Energy? Are you trying to have a heart attack?

For me, this one was the winner:

Option 2: “Take two Advil and a beer in the morning. Hair of the dog… it works every time.”

That’s the one. No doubt about it, the only way to immediate fix that hangover is to start putting down another one. Maybe even turn that one beer into a few more and the next thing you know, you won’t have to worry about it until the next day.

You could always smoke a little smoke, too…

Cue the “Jack Daniel’s”

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