Two Black Bears Mix It Up Right In Front Of Florida Doorbell Camera

Black bears wrestling

What did we all do before we had high-tech doorbell cameras?

Videos pop up all of the time of doorbell cameras capturing unique things, and footage that otherwise probably would have never been caught on tape if not for the technological advancement of video doorbells.

Just the other day, we saw an elk walk right up to a Ring camera and bugle like there was no tomorrow. And now, we are getting to see some unbelievable footage of two bears duking it out right outside someone’s home.

If it weren’t for the doorbell camera, this Florida homeowner might not have ever known that this even happened. They might have walked out front of their house and wondered what all of the tracks and disturbed ground were, but probably would have never concluded “I bet two bears boxed right here.”

And of course this happened in the wild and crazy state of Florida (I feel like I always say that). Not only do Floridians have to worry about hurricanes, and pythons, and mosquitos, and sea levels rising, and alligators, but they also have to worry about bears.

The state does have warm weather and beaches though, as long as you can look past all of the potential danger…

The danger was right outside the door when these two bears started going at it, with one walking upright and trying to utilize “the high ground” while the other one attacked from below and represented the “low bear wins” mentality.

It’s tough to tell which bear was winning, though the one that was standing straight up (for some reason) did manage to push the bear over and caused it to roll over on its back.

The original post of the video was by an X user by the name of Jon Worley,

“Never a dull night here in the Midway part of Gulf Breeze.”

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