Hailey Whitters’ “I’m In Love” Is Officially Her Next Single At Country Radio

Hailey Whitters country music
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I love this single choice.

Hailey Whitters’ next single at country radio is “I’m In Love,” the title track from her EP that was released back in July.

Written by Nicolle Galyon, Lee Miller and Cameron Bedell, Hailey says it’s one she wishes she’d written, adding that she loves the “quirky language and spirit” as much as I do:

“I knew the minute I heard this song I had to record it.

I didn’t write it (Nicolle Galyon, Lee Miller, & Cameron Bedell did), but I wish I had. I love – pun intended – the quirky language and spirit.

Every time I sing it I’m smiling like a big ol sap because it just makes me so happy and puts me in a good mood.”

A little while back, I mentioned that I thought this should be an official single eventually, as it’s sort of along the lines of her previous, viral single “Everything She Ain’t,” especially in terms of the 90’s-style production and fun lyrics.

Needless to say, I think it’s a great call, and the song impacts country radio stations across America today:

“‘I’m In Love’ goes to country radio today so tag your local station below and put ’em on blast.”

It’s so dang cute, super catchy, and very uniquely Hailey, and for me, is still the standout from the aforementioned EP.

I hope this one does even better than “Everything She Ain’t,” and I have a feeling it probably will because every time I hear it, I can’t get it out of my head (and I meant that in the best way possible… it is, quite literally, ear candy).

Turn it up…

“I’m In Love”

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