Fisherman Has Scary Close Call As Shark Leaves Bite Marks In Crotch Of His Pants

Shark bites fisherman's pants


That’s wouldn’t have been a good one… not that any shark bite would, but hitting a fella in the family jewels just makes it a bit more cringy.

When it comes to feared creatures, sharks in general are high on many people’s list. As cool and mysterious as they are, having a whole week even dedicated to them and their attacks yearly, they really aren’t that dangerous most of the time.

The odds of a shark attack are 1.37 million. That is very low, below getting struck by lightning or even being shot. Of course you hear about it on the news every time it happens, but in all actuality, it is just super rare… they stay away from people most of the time.

Of course, if you’re gonna go into shark territory and then even fish them and play around them the odds are going to significantly increase.

In my mind, sharks would be fun to catch fishing, just based on their size and power in many species. But it certainly adds a danger element and would keep fisherman more on their tows from the dangers that sharks present.

This fisherman lets his guard down and almost learned the hard way. As a fishing crew hauls a shark on board, the giant begins to flip around. A man steps up to settle the shark but the shark comes at him with an attack. The shark flips towards him and bites, hitting him right in the crotch.

The man reveals it only cut his rain pants…. just wow… talk about a scary close call.

No, thank you…

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A beer bottle on a dock