Wynonna Judd Joins Tyler Childers On Stage For Beautiful Duet Of “Way Of The Triune God”

Tyler Childers Country Music
Shannon Alphonso

Kentucky represent.

Talk about two vocal powerhouses on stage together. The day after Wynonna Judd accepted her Country Champion Award at the People’s Choice Country Music Awards, she took the stage with Tyler Childers for a rockin’ performance.

“We Kentucky folk stick together! I got to share the stage with Tyler Childers this weekend in Denver, and the last photo captures the way I feel about that!”

Their duet of “Way Of The Triune God” is jaw-droppingly good.

They open the song with a killer harmony before Childers takes over the first verse. Wynonna comes back in to support Childers during the chorus of:

“Old time screamin’ and a-shoutin’ (go up)Go up, tell it on the mountainFaith too strong to be left doubtin’Way of the triune God…”

Wynonna takes the second verse, and she looks like she is soaking up the moment on stage. As she sings, Childers is bobbing his head to the music in a trance from the music. The two artists join together for a killer two-part vocals breaking down the lyrics, giving the words a bit of a twist with Wynonna on stage.

At the end of the track, Wynonna and Tyler danced around the stage with the band, having a hell of a time.

THIS is how you do a duet with Timmy T, but it’s also no surprise that Wynonna showed out. She is a grade-A performer for a reason, and this proves once again why she was a much-deserved recipient of the Country Champion Award.

I will have this on repeat for the remainder of the day.

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