Football Fan (& Certified Genius) Throws On Safety Vest, Starts Directing Traffic To Get Him & His Friends Out Of The Parking Lot

Titans fan in neon vest

This might be the smartest move I’ve ever seen…

Everyone loves a good tailgate, and everyone loves attending a good sporting event, but the worst part of the entire fan experience has to be the traffic leaving the game (not seeing instant replays while you are at the game is a close second).

Getting stuck in standstill traffic trying to get out of the parking lot that you paid $60 to park in is a little bit easier to tolerate if your team wins, but if they lose, it’s got to be one of the worst places to be in the world.

If you happened to carpool with some fan friends, and everyone is livid about the loss, you are bound to have some passive aggressive comments and shouting matches fly throughout the vehicle, and some might even be directed towards other vehicles.

However, it seems as though this group of Tennessee Titans fans have figured out a really easy way to handle the traffic, and all it requires is a little confidence and a bright neon vest.

In the clip, cars are bumper to bumper as everyone tries to leave Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee. It looks like it would take forever for the average fan to get out of the parking lot and on their way home, but this truck in the clip is far from average.

It appears that one of the gentlemen that was in the truck threw on a neon vest and then ventured out into the parking lot to start directing traffic flow.

Of course, he was directing the cars in a way that got his friends out of the parking lot faster, and once his ride got to the main road, he quickly abandoned his fake traffic cop position and hopped into the vehicle.

I’m sure a lot of people just laughed it off, but one woman was fuming at the fake traffic patrol, and opened her car door and yelled:

“I know you f**king lying. I know you f**king lying.”

Take a look:

X users were stunned by the “big-brained” idea, while others also jumped in to offer up examples of how they cheat the system in the reply section below:

That last one is perfect. All you can really do in that situation is tip your cap to the vest-wearing football fan. You’ve got to respect the hustle…

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