Florida Duck Hunter Fires Warning Shots At Charging Alligator Who Steals His Duck

Alligator attacks duck hunter
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Duck season is upon us.

Depending on where you live in the country, duck season kicked off this weekend in many northern states, and various other places will be starting soon as these birds make their annual migrations south for the winter.

Nothings worse than having your fresh kill stolen.

Well, unless if the thing that stole it wants to eat you too…

Alligators are everywhere in Florida, so much so that sportsmen have to be on their toes when they’re near the water. Whether it’s duck hunting, fishing, or even just hiking along the lake… head on a swivel people.

Gators will eat just about anything. I mean, there have been gators found with metal in their stomachs, bullets, license plates… every time you cut open a gator it’s like an episode of Storage Wars… you don’t know what you’re gonna find.

With males growing over 11 feet long and weighing up to 1,000-pounds, these beasts are big, strong, and fast, with one of the strongest bites in the animal kingdom.

They aren’t super dangerous in the sense that attacks are pretty rare and fatal attacks maybe happen once or twice a year in the United States. You are actually more likely to drown near one, than be taken out by a gator, but still, it’s definitely not an animal you want to have chasing you.

This hunter was out for a duck hunt when he was lucky enough to down one.

He was unlucky enough to have his bird taken by a gator before he could get to it.

The hunter watches as the giant gator gobbles down his duck. As they watch it unfold the animal turns its attention to the hunter and starts approaching.

The hunter fires a warning shot but the gator keeps coming. He then fires another so close you would think it hit it.

This stops the gator enough so the hunter can leave safely and you can see in the video that the gator is unharmed.

Talk about a thrilling yet disappointing hunt.

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