Former ‘American Idol’ Contestant Colin Stough Announces Debut EP ‘Promiseland” With Single “Lonely Hour”

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Colin Stough

A new single and more in the pipeline from Colin Stough.

Slated for an October 20th release, former  American Idol contestant Colin Stough is releasing his debut EP. After his successful run on the show, Stough gained a killer fan base by highlighting his talents in front of the nation.

After positive feedback from his debut song “Bad Day,” Stough is back with new music.

Accompanying the announcement of his six-song EP, he released the lead single “Lonely Hour.” The heavily acoustic single tells the story of breaking up and the pain and loneliness of picking up the pieces.

There are these moments after a breakup where everything kind of settles, and the loneliness kicks in. It’s those moments after the day winds down before the night sets in, and you can fall asleep.

The moments where you can’t stop thinking about everything and you finally start feeling all of the pain and loss that comes after a relationship has run its course. It’s the lonely hour.”

Stough said when talking about the inspiration for the single.

The single highlights Stough’s raspy yet powerful vocals. The lyrics are thoughtful, depicting real pain as he sings the heartbreaking words. He plays the role well in the music video, playing the character the song narrates.

The simple movements in the video of pacing and sitting on a bed reflecting on all your feelings are beyond relatable to those who have experienced heartbreak.

This song is a melancholic one, and what’s more melancholy than sitting in an old motel with everything you own packed in a suitcase as the sun is setting. It’s loneliness at its deepest.

That’s the feeling we wanted to capture in this video. It’s meant to be kind of simple but vulnerable, and honestly, just kind of sad.”

“Lonely Hour” highlights a more vulnerable side to the rock ‘n’ roll style song from the title single “Promiseland,” which was released earlier this year.

Colin Stough has a bright future, and it’s great seeing him ride the wave he built from his time on American Idol. 

If you haven’t heard “Promiseland” yet, give it a listen while you’re here.

It’s a southern rock gem.

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