Iowa Pork Producers Association Signs Four Iowa State Football Players To NIL Deal: Purchase, Moore, Hamman & Bacon

Iowa State college football
Iowa Pork Producers Association

I’ve gotta admit, like a lot of people, I wasn’t sold on the idea of allowing college athletes to make money off of their name, image and likeness.

When the Supreme Court first paved the way for NIL deals, the fear was that it would turn college sports into minor league professional teams, with players choosing schools based on how much they could land in NIL money.

And to some extent that’s what’s happened, with high-profile athletes at major schools signing massive deals that sometimes pay them more than the pros.

But every once in awhile, a deal comes along that’s just so perfect, it makes it all worth it.

For example, the latest signing by four football players from Iowa State University.

The Iowa Pork Producers Association recently announced that it had inked a deal with four ISU players: defensive back Myles Purchase, tight end Tyler Moore, defensive lineman Tommy Hamman, and linebacker Caleb Bacon.

Get it? “Purchase Moore Hamman Bacon.”

It’s perfect.

The partnership will help benefit local food pantries and those who are dealing with food insecurity, with the Iowa Pork Producers Association pledging to donate $1,000 worth of pork to the food pantry of each player’s choice.

Maybe this whole NIL thing isn’t so bad after all.

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