Whiskey Riff Song Of The Week: “Miner Imperfections” By Charles Wesley Godwin

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Happy Monday, y’all.

Today for the Song of the Week, we have a new one from Charles Wesley Godwin called “Miner Imperfections.”

From his just-released major label debut album Family Ties, the song was co-written by CWG and Zach McCord, and focuses on lessons Charles learned from his coal miner father.

In my opinion, it’s the epitome and perfect example of what this album means and the overarching theme of the importance of family and roots, and the first verse and chorus sums it up so beautifully.

Charles admits that there were many times growing up that he didn’t exactly know what his dad was thinking or how he felt about things, and he had no clue how hard his father was working and fighting for his family.

While certainly far from perfect, with plenty of “miner imperfections,” he was a glowing example of a father and man regardless of his shortcomings:

“Wasn’t one to talk much when we pulled off to school
I could never tell what’s running through his mind
It’d be three more hours until those halls are full
But long walls don’t run on nine to five
I didn’t get it then, every day that man would fight
To punch the clock and make it home alive

He’s got miner imperfections, blame it on his roots
Calluses on his hands, coal dust on his boots
He’s not one for conversation when there’s work to do
Papaw said get paid in cash, company scrip’s a noose
Them city folks would shame him if he let them
But he’s proud of his miner imperfections”

Family Ties is a truly great record from top to bottom and well worth your time to dive into, but this is the perfect place to start and one of the easy standouts on the 19-song tracklist.

Turn it up…

“Miner Imperfections”

“Miner Imperfections” was also featured on the Whiskey Riff New Music Friday Playlist, along with tons of other great new releases from this past week in country music.

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