Titans WR DeAndre Hopkins Casually Strolls Around Locker Room While Taking Online Classes At Clemson

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Barstool Clemson

Imagine this. You roll over out of bed to turn on your laptop for your 8 AM online college class, probably contemplating why you decided to go to college in the first place.

You get on the Zoom call, and next thing you know you see a star NFL player chilling in his team locker room, listening in on the class.

Sounds crazy, right?

But for some students at Clemson University, this insane scenario is their everyday reality, because no other than star NFL wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins is currently enrolled in classes at Clemson, and is working towards a degree in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management, after foregoing his college career and declaring for the NFL Draft back in 2012.

With that being said, a video is surfacing of Hopkins tuning in on a Zoom call, casually strolling around the Tennessee Titans locker room while listening to the professor.

I’ll admit, I’d be pretty star struck if I were in these students’ shoes. We’re talking about one of the best wide receivers in the NFL (especially if you go back four years ago) casually taking a class with you, and he’s sitting in his high class locker room.

Not to mention, Hopkins was absolutely electric during his time at Clemson, so he’s a huge fan favorite in upstate South Carolina as well.

Talk about a wild moment.

Check it out:

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