Cowboys & Jets Fans Trade Haymakers In Bloody Stadium Brawl

Jets fan fight

NFL football is officially BACK.

And although we have a ton of incredible games to watch every Sunday for the next 20 or so weeks, there’s another part about NFL games that I’m really excited about…

And that’s fan fights.

Ever since fans were allowed back in the stands in 2021 after the COVID pandemic, I’m fully convinced that everybody forgot how to act in public once the mandates were lifted.

Personally, it feels like there has been a MAJOR uptick in stadium fights over the past couple of years (or everybody is starting to capture them on video more than they did in the past), and although I don’t condone this kind of behavior, it’s some high quality content to watch.

A couple of fanbases that seemingly love to throw hands? Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Rams, Cleveland Browns… just to name a few.

Yesterday was no expectation as we saw another slugfest break out at the New York Jets vs. the Dallas Cowboys game at AT&T Stadium.

In the footage, you can see two guys wearing “b*tch I’m a Jet” shirts teaming up on a dude wearing a Dak Prescott jersey.

The Cowboys fan was literally sandwiched between the two Jets fans, and he was visibly bleeding from his eye.

You can also see a dude holding another person down off to the side.

Although it’s uncertain what caused this fight, it’s some wild content nonetheless.

Check it out:

In a separate video, you can see the fans being pulled apart, and another Jets fan holding napkins to his face, covering up his battle scars.

We see the same Cowboys fan from the first fight, and yeah, he definitely took the worst of the 2-on-1 fight.

Boy is leaking good..

Although the Cowboys fan took the L in this one, the Cowboys football team ultimately defeated the Jets in blowout fashion, by a score of 30-10.

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