Remember The World’s Dumbest Dad Who Brought His Daughter Into An Elephant’s Exhibit? He Went To Jail

Dad takes daughter into elephant cage

Sometimes dads can do the coolest things on the planet, but other times they do the dumbest.

Back in 2021, we got a prime example of dad’s at their worst when one took his daughter for an up close look at some animals at the San Diego zoo, and while for most people it’s a great time getting to see exotic animals from a safe distance away, this guy, for some reason, decided his daughter needed to get even closer.

Video from onlookers shows the dad, named Joe Navarette, inside the elephant enclosure with his 2 year old daughter because he wanted to take a cool picture of her with the animals… Obviously, this is both illegal and absolutely beyond stupid as they aren’t trained zookeepers and have no idea how to act around these 8,000+ pound animals, and also elephants are territorial creatures who will defend themselves if they feel threatened.

Well, one of these elephants did in fact feel threatened and charged at them, forcing Joe to flea the enclosure and try to get beyond the protective fencing, but in his panic filled escape, he somehow dropped his daughter and left her inside the exhibit while he got out.

I mean what? If you’re going to do something like that you have to be capable of getting at least your daughter out of harm’s way, but as I’ve come to expect from people around animals, they have no idea what they’re dealing with.

Eventually the two of them were able to get to safety and a horrific event was avoided, but that didn’t put him out of trouble yet, as he was taken into custody and charged with felon child endangerment. He was eventually sentenced to 9 months served, 4 years probation, and 52 weeks of child abuse classes, according to NBC.

What a complete moron.

I’m surprised he didn’t end up spending more time behind bars, especially since he DROPPED HIS CHILD while running from the elephant.

I mean, my goodness what a dufus.

Please, I am begging you all, do not try and get close to an elephant for a picture.

It’s not going to end well for you.

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