Packers Fans Thought They Were Drinking For Free At Milwaukee Bar Following Aaron Rodgers Injury… And Then The Jets Won

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Although the New York Jets pulled off an insane victory over the Buffalo Bills last night 22-16, it wasn’t perfect for Jets fans…

Because their new star quarterback Aaron Rodgers left the game with what appeared to be an ankle injury on the first drive of the game.

Although X-rays came back negative for a broken ankle, Jets head coach Robert Saleh was convinced that Rodgers has torn his Achilles, which could ultimately mean that the future Hall of Fame QB could miss the rest of the season.

And now, their worst fears have been confirmed as it has just been announced that Rodgers suffered a ruptured Achilles and will miss the entire season.

However, for one bar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the patrons couldn’t have been happier to see Rodgers go down with injury…

Or so they thought.

Back in August, we ran a story about Jack’s American Pub in Milwaukee, which is only about two hours away from Green Bay, the old home of Aaron Rodgers.

The bar announced earlier this year that they would be running a deal where they’d pay your entire bar tab every time Aaron Rodgers and the Jets lose. It’s really not that complicated, though there are a few stipulations that are important to note:

“The covered tabs must be opened at least 15 minutes before kickoff and don’t include food. The offer only applies if Rodgers is starting and the Jets’ showdown doesn’t coincide with a Packers game, something that’s scheduled to happen only four times this season.

You also have to be present the entire game to cash in that ticket.”

The rules state that Rodgers has to start the game, but nothing about finishing it.

So, as you can imagine, all of the patrons in the bar last night were pretty stoked to see Rodgers get hurt. Not because they wish the man ill, but because they were most likely gonna be drinking for free with Zach Wilson at the helm.

Considering the Bills have been one of the best teams in the NFL the past few seasons, you would’ve thought it was an automatic L for the Jets, and free beer for everybody in the bar, right?

Somehow, someway… the Jets were able to force four turnovers from Bills QB Josh Allen, and ultimately win the game with a walk off punt return for a touchdown in overtime.

No free beer…

This Jack’s American patron’s response says it all:

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, it looks like the promotion is over for the year:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock