Kevin Costner’s Divorce Lawyer Laughs At Estranged Wife’s Request Of $885,000 For Attorney Fees

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Honestly, it’s funny to see that all of the drama that we were used to seeing play out in Yellowstone is now instead unfolding in Kevin Costner’s actual life.

It has been a long year for Costner and his estranged wife Christine, who filed for a divorce from the Yellowstone star back in May. The divorce reportedly “blindsided” Kevin, and the proceedings since then can definitely be categorized as an “ugly divorce.”

Things first started going sideways when Christine wouldn’t leave the Costner household, even though the prenuptial agreement clearly stated that she had a deadline to vacate the premises. Most of the other issues involved in the split have revolved around money, and specifically the fact that Christine feels entitled to a lot of it.

TMZ has reported that in the latest revelation, Christine wants to take the divorce to a “mini trial” over a disagreement in the prenup, arguing that a waiver of spousal support should be enforced. In doing so, she is asking Kevin to fund the case, and is asking for $885,000 to cover the fees.

Of course, Costner and his lawyer have reportedly “scoffed” at the amount of money that Christine is asking for, especially considering she filed for the divorce and is wanting her soon-to-be ex-husband to pay for it all.

Laura Wasser, Costner’s attorney, did the math and figured out that $885,000 would mean that the legal team of Christine would need to put in over 1,000 hours of work for the asking price to actually make sense.

Wasser also stated the request from Christine was “nothing short of outrageous,” and additionally said that the portion of the prenup that Costner’s estranged wife is challenging has already been enforced by a judge.

This isn’t the first time that Christine has tried to ask for a boat-load of money from Kevin Costner. She was originally asking for around $250,000 a month for child support, and when it went to court, the judge decided that $63,000 a month would be plenty.

She’s been ruthless going up against Costner, and in a possible shocking turn of events, if Christine challenges the prenup and loses, she would then be responsible for paying all of the lawyer fees that Kevin incurs. Now THAT would be a twist you would imagine seeing on Yellowstone

There’s still no news on the return of Yellowstone Season 5, and at this rate, it’s looking more and more like 2025 might be the target date.

In the meantime, Yellowstone is trying to keep fans attention with a rather revealing Beth Dutton clip:

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