Everyone In Sports Media Is Calling For Tom Brady To Un-Retire & Play For The New York Jets

Tom Brady

The media moves fast, especially in sports, and after it was confirmed that New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers would be out for the season, the cogs in the sports media machine started calling for a new QB to come in and save the day.

We’re not even 24 hours removed from Aaron Rodgers being carted off the field and everyone is already speculating who can step in to fill the role of the “Savior of the Jets.”

No one seems to have much faith in backup quarterback (and former first round pick) Zach Wilson, who actually came in and led the Jets to a win over the Buffalo Bill last night.

If you’ve had sports television on today, pretty much all that has been talked about is how shocking the injury to Aaron Rodgers is. However, after sending “thoughts and prayers” Rodgers’ way, everyone quickly pivoted to trying to figure out who can come in to replace him.

On First Take, Stephen A. Smith and Shannon Sharpe were discussing the situation, and Sharpe (who still can’t stop calling Smith “Skip”) called for another NFL legend to come to New York to save the day:

“Oh man, I’m calling Tom Brady. Seriously. I am going to put in a call to Tom Brady. All these other guys, I understand that (Carson) Wentz is available and (Nick) Foles is available and maybe you can get Matt Ryan to come up out of the booth with CBS.

I’m calling Tom. Seriously. We got $25 million on the table for you. Can you come give us something?”

Social media was quick with the thought of Tom playing for the Jets too, with photoshops popping up everywhere, and someone sending out a post saying:

“Tom Brady has the chance to do the funniest thing ever.”

Man, he doesn’t look all that bad in a Jets uniform, but surely he wouldn’t come back right?

It’s very unlikely that he does, though that hasn’t stopped the sports media from speculating about it. If the Jets do decide to bring a free-agent QB in, or trade for another team’s backup, here is a list of some possible replacements that could help fill the quarterback room:

Do any of those options really seem like an upgrade from Zach Wilson? I would have to probably say no, though I do love the all of the possible storylines, with the best one being Tom Brady swooping in like a literal superhero to save the day.

But when he retires, he retires for good. We all know that…

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