Ashley McBryde Makes Young Fan’s Day Inviting Her On Stage & To A Private Meet & Greet

Ashly McBryde

Add another reason to the list of why Ashley McBryde is incredible.

Ashley McBryde is known for her real and no bullsh*t writing style, but she also has a reputation for being incredibly kind towards her fans. Her most recent moment is gaining lots of social media praise.

During a recent show, Ashely brought up a young fan on stage, and before bringing the fan up to the microphone, she asked the young girl’s mom if it was okay for her to come up on stage. She also signed to the mother when she asked, leaving fans and commenters more than impressed.

Not only does it help to have some hand motions to communicate on the loud stage, but it highlights that McBryde is considerate towards anyone who might be near her stage.

Once she gets the nod of approval from the girl’s mom, she takes her to introduce Charlee to the crowd.

Charlee’s day was more than likely made by being able to hug a star, but Ashley took it a step further, inviting the girl to meet her after the show.

She asked what Charlee’s favorite ice cream flavor was, and once Charlee responded with mint chocolate chip, Ashley invited her backstage for some.

“Well, I’ve got a few more songs to sing, and after the show, I’ll give you our setlist…

And maybe after, you can come back to where we are, where there are snacks.”

McBryde then scans the crowd for Charlee’s mom, asking again if that invitation was mom-approved.

The little girl is smiling SO BIG from the magical moment and knowing that once the set was wrapped, she would get to hang out with a superstar. Viewers of the TikTok quickly filled the comments with praise for McBryde and the moment.

“I love that she asked the mom if it was okay that she came up.”

“This is so amazing! I love celebrities that take time for their fans, especially kids.”

“The fact she knows ASL is amazing.” 

“One of the reasons I am a big fan.”

“Honestly, my heart is just going to explode with pure love and admiration for you.”

“Ashley McBryde is a baddie. Love her.” 

There is a reason that McBryde is one of the best in the game right now, and this video proves one of the small reasons why.

She’s the ultimate badass.

@whiskeyriff Reasons why Ashley McBryde is real deal. // 🎥: @Desert Honey’s #whiskeyriff #countrymusic #ashleymcbryde ♬ original sound – Whiskey Riff

Ashley also explained that she’s been learning ASL in a follow up video, while also providing a little backstory on this awesome fan interaction:

@ashleymcbrydemusic #duet with @Desert Honey’s thank you Charlee ❤️ #asl #livemusic #fyp ♬ original sound – Desert Honey’s

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