John Daly Proves He Still Has It, Drills Another Field Goal (Barefoot) After Throwback Footage Goes Viral

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John Daly is a different breed.

From winning two major championships while being a functioning alcoholic on the PGA Tour, to being able to slam 35-40 beers a day and THEN start on the liquor, hanging out at the Hooters in Augusta, Georgia during Masters week, and doing a straight up belly flop into a golf course pond, he may be the most unpredictable and interesting human being on this planet.

Some (myself) would even call him the GOAT.

Not to mention, the guy even has a country album that has a Willie Nelson feature on it, just to add to the list.

An old video recently resurfaced of the man himself from way back in 1992, drilling a 50-yard field goal at a Denver Broncos practice like there was nothing to it.

I had no clue that the guy was actually a kicker and punter for the Helias High School football team in Jefferson City, Missouri way back in the day, and by the looks of it, the guy could’ve potentially had a chance to kick in college somewhere.

I mean hell, there are some high schools that have to go for two points every time because they don’t have a guy who can kick it over the crossbar, and here you have ol’ pro golfer John Daly nailing 50 yard field goals as a hobby.

But, if you ever wondered if the man still can kick it at the age of 57, he definitely can.

The Champions Tour X (formerly known as Twitter) account posted a video of Daly drilling a field goal dead center through the uprights, all while barefooted.

It’s not a 50-yarder like the one he kicked over 30 years ago, but still pretty impressive for a guy who is nearly 60, and a good many pounds heavier.

Check it out:

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