Tornado Sends Pregnant Woman’s Car Flying Through The Air On South Carolina Highway

car tornado

Up, up, and away…

Is it just me or does there seem to be an unreasonable amount of tornadoes this year?

Just the other day we saw this video from Arkansas where a woman thought a glass door would protect her, but just in general, I’m hearing stories from friends and family all over the country that both tornadoes and tornado warnings are coming through regularly.

According to the National Center for Environmental Information, we are tracking above the past few years’ total from January to July with approximately 1155 twisters hitting throughout the US so far in 2023, which is the 6th highest since 1950. Tragically, 60 people have already died due to these storms in April to June alone, which is nearly three times higher than 2022, according to the Washington Post.

Although tornado season generally wraps up in June, it seems these storms have continued to hit throughout the US, with one recent one happening in Goose Creek, South Carolina, where an unbelievably scary season unfolded on US-52.

The area was being swamped with the remnants of Hurricane Idalia and a young woman named Malaijha Smoke was driving home when her car began to shake violently.

The horrific scene was captured on video by a man in a nearby vehicle and we see the car being swept into the air and flipping over before crashing down on another car on the road.

Obviously, it’s scary enough that this happened, but to make matters worse, Malaijha was 5 months pregnant.

She spoke with ABCNews4 about the incident.

“All of a sudden I just know I’m in the air. I close my eyes and and I just pray that I just make it out of this. I was just worried about another car maybe coming, hitting me. So I tried to get out as fast as I could. 

Not a lot of people know, but at the scene I am 5-months pregnant as well and I was just thinking about the baby because I just wanted to be sure everything was okay. 

I’m still here to see my family today and I’m just so thankful for that.”

I can’t even imagine what that felt like.

She and another person were transported to a local hospital and thankfully everyone was okay, but my goodness, this looks like a scene from a movie, not real life.

A moment few would believe unless it was caught on camera.

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