Arkansas Woman Nearly Loses Her Life Trying To Film A Tornado Behind A Glass Door: “Oh, I’m Getting This”

Arkansas tornado
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We’ve all had to do tornado drills when we were in elementary, middle, and high school.

You know, some had to pile up in the classroom closet, or go out in the hallway and put a textbook over their head as if that would stop a falling ceiling from severely hurting you.

However, the majority of us have probably never actually experienced what it’s like to be in the middle of a twister, and for those who have lived to tell the tale, I have some serious respect for y’all after watching this video.

Now, we all know that the#1 rule of taking cover in tornadoes is… get to lower ground if possible and stay away from windows.

These folks in Little Rock, Arkansas didn’t get the memo.

In this insane video footage, there are a few people who are inside an orthodontist’s office as a tornado is trucking directly towards them. And after a two-second Google search, I found the location of the video:

Little Rock dentist

Nice big, brick building, seems like there could be a number of good places inside that are not directly behind the glass front doors.

Back to the video…

You can see several cars speeding away, trying to get away from the twister, and one car driving directly towards it (with the driver probably immediately regretting their decision).

Next thing you know, you can see complete chaos, as debris begins to fly around at a high rate of speed. Then, transformers start to get blown out, which are the blue explosions you can see off in the distance.

The strong wind from the tornado opens the door to the store the people are in, as you can see the person trying to keep it closed. Why? Do you think you’re stronger than the tornado?

Eventually the glass on the door breaks and all you can see is a ton of debris flying around. It sounds like they’re being run over by a freight train, showing the intensity of what it’s like to be in the middle of a tornado.

Absolutely INSANE footage.

The caption to the video explains the correct safety measures to take when in a situation like this:

“If you ever find yourself in the unenviable position of being trapped in a retail space during a tornado, knowing what to do could be a lifesaver. Start by quickly heading to the lowest level of the building.

A basement is ideal, but if one isn’t available, the ground floor will have to do. Once there, look for an interior room or hallway; these areas are usually the strongest parts of a building and are less likely to collapse.

Glass and exterior walls are your worst enemies in this situation. They can easily shatter or give way, so steer clear of them.

If you can find a sturdy piece of furniture like a table or a desk, take cover underneath it. If that’s not an option, your next best move is to crouch down, make yourself small, and protect your head and neck with your arms.

Don’t be deceived if things suddenly seem calm; tornadoes sometimes have multiple funnels and can seem to pause before resuming their destruction. Wait for an official signal that the danger has passed before you leave your safe spot.

While there’s no foolproof way to guarantee safety in a tornado, making smart choices can vastly improve your chances of coming out unscathed.

To be clear: standing near a large glass storefront to make a video is the exact opposite of a smart choice during a weather event like this.”

It’s almost comical how she says “oh, I’m getting this” right as the video starts… sorry lady, the only thing you’re getting is a near-death experience.

And that’s exactly what happened.

According to KAIT 8, the woman was actually sucked out of he building by the tornado, and if not for her husband who grabbed her, she mostly likely would’ve found herself laying in a parking lot 3 blocks away, with much more significant injuries.

“I was very dumb in videotaping it.

The windows behind us blew out, and when it did, it sucked me out. I went into the air, but my husband was holding on to me.

Do not videotape tornadoes. It is not worth the hype. It is dangerous.”

Ultimately she was ok, but definitely a lesson learned.

Here’s even more footage:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock