Aaron Rodgers Still Can’t Believe That He’s A New York Jet: “I’ve Woken Up Inside Of That Dream”

Aaron Rodgers NFL Jets dream
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Aaron Rodgers’ move to the New York Jets this offseason has been nothing short of spectacular.

The longtime Green Bay Packer quarterback and 4-time NFL MVP seems to be really liking his experience as a part of the “Gang Green,” and in a recent interview with the Athletic, he voiced just how much the move has meant to him:

“I told a friend this has felt like waking up inside of a dream, this whole experience, a beautiful dream.”

Wow, that’s pretty high praise for the former Super Bowl winner. It seems like everything is really clicking for Rodgers, and there seems to be no sense of “homesickness” for the days of being a Packer. I’m sure that bothers some of the Green Bay faithful a bit…

And if you thought that was all he said about his time as a New York Jet so far, you would be mistaken. Rodgers actually couldn’t stop talking about how happy he was to be a Jet, to the point where things got a little weird as he continued to open up about it:

“So many times you have a great dream and you wake up and you think, ‘I just want to get back into that thing, but I can’t quite get back into the dream.’ I’ve woken up inside of that dream, and it’s been really, really special.

There’s a lot of times, and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, where I’ll just look around and say ‘this is my life now, how cool is this?’ It happens in the locker room, and it happens walking out, and it’s the fresh air and the sun setting.

It’s just thinking what an awesome day it was because of whatever it was.”

I’ll stop right there, because I’m sure you get the point, but there’s still a lot of the quote that I didn’t get to. Luckily for you, the folks over at Good Morning Football took the long-winded quote and turned it into an audio and visual masterpiece.

With pictures and videos of Aaron Rodger’s Jets tenure mixed in with aerial shots of the New York City skyline, all spliced together with a “bliss” filter on it, the morning TV show brought in a Morgan Freeman-esque voice to read through the entire Rodgers’ quote.

Take a listen:

It might be safe to assume that Aaron had possibly partaken some of that “ayahuasca” that he’s been famous for dabbling in before he opened up about his Jets experience.

Let’s see if he’s feeling the same way once the New York media starts ripping him…

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