Two Male Lions Steal Warthog From Leopard In Kruger National Park

Lions attack leopards
Maasai Sightings

The amount of raw power in this video is astounding.

Kruger National Park in South Africa is home to just about the most varied and intense group of wildlife imaginable.

Everything from leopards, lions, cheetahs, and wild dogs to hippos, elephants, rhinos, zebra, and water buffalo roam the 7,576 square mile nature preserve that has become just about the ultimate safari experiences in the world.

As you’d expect, an endless stream of incredible wildlife videos have long been coming from this wonderland, including a hyena grabbing a water buffalo by the manhood and two crocodiles running off three cheetahs from their kill.

Well, I just found another video which may take the top prize for being the craziest one yet.

As we saw the other day, leopards are outrageously impressive creatures, having both top tier speed and strength to go along with their elite stalking skills, making them one of the top predators in the wild.

However, although they are big cats in their own right, they more or less get dwarfed by the so called King of the Jungle.

Lions are one of the most romanticized creatures out there, thrust into everyone’s heart from The Lion King plus their noble looking manes. But don’t let Disney fool you, these predators are no joke.

Standing up to 4 feet tall at the shoulder, males can grow to be 10 feet long and weigh up to 550 pounds, putting them easily above the leopards as far as stature goes.

This video starts with a leopard having caught a warthog and attempting to finish the job. It’s having no issues pinning down the 200+ pound warthog, but naturally the prey is making it as difficult as possible since he’s fighting for his life. This commotion caused two male lions nearby to take note and decide to come check it out for themselves.

One lion takes the lead and rushes the leopard, tackling it from the side which forces it to let go of the injured warthog. The leopard wants no part of this fight and scampers off as the other lion approaches to help secure the doomed hog and seal its fate.

First off, I get that people go there to see these beasts up close, but my goodness did they have to be that close? It seems like the safari truck is parked less than 20 feet from where these man eaters are going to war.

Regardless, this just goes to show that while leopards have the upper hand on many creatures, there’s still another that can put them in their place when necessary.

Really have to feel for the leopard and warthog here. The leopard put in all the work and came away with none of the spoils and, obviously, the warthog had lived its last day on this earth.

Nature is a beautiful, brutal place.

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