Mountain Lion Drags Border Collie Out Of California Home, Neighbor Fires Warning Shot To Scare It Away

Mountain lion california

Not what you want to see on your back porch…

A California woman named Becca Kracker experienced one of the most terrifying things imaginable a few months back at her home in Santa Rosa, California.

According to a news report by KRON4, a mountain lion entered her home through an open sliding door, grabbed her border collie named Sherman, and dragged him outside.

While she was able to close the door to ensure her safety, Becca was left to helplessly watch her 12 year old dog be pinned down by a large mountain lion.

She called her neighbor, who came over with his gun and fired it in the air to scare the feline away, although they later saw her prowling on the edges of the property, most likely trying to go back and finish the job.

It was the first time she had actually laid eyes on a mountain lion.

“I had never seen a mountain lion on this property. We’ve lived on this property, my family, for 50 years or more, but never have we personally had any issues.

It could have been a little kid, like I’ve got lots of friends with two year olds, three year olds, it could have been one of them. She could have killed Sherman.

I think a lot of it had to do with my presence standing there and distracting her but it could have been way worse.”

She alerted the authorities who determined that the cat was a major problem and it was later caught and put down by a trapper.

The animal was later identified as one being tracked by a wildlife organization. She was tagged “P1” and had birthed at least two litters and was around 16 years old.

Horrifying stuff… just another reminder to keep an eye on your pets in cougar country.

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