Lainey Wilson, Darius Rucker And The Cadillac Three Teaming Up For New Rendition Of College GameDay’s “Comin’ To Your City”

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Now this is a fun crew.

It was recently announced that Big & Rich would no longer be part of ESPN’s College GameDay singing their song “Comin’ To Your City,” which they had done for the past 16 years.

And while it was probably time for ESPN to give the anthem a fresh take, many were hoping that they would just keep the same song and get a new artist to sing it.

I mean, that theme song is synonymous with college football, and is recognized by fans all over the country as the universal sign that it’s about to be a kickass Saturday full of football.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, or something like that…

Today, though, College GameDay announced that it won’t just be one artist taking over singing duties every Saturday morning, but rather three separate country acts in Lainey Wilson, Darius Rucker and The Cadillac three teaming up for a new rendition this season.

They shared the news in a post on social media, with Darius saying it’s been a dream of his to write a song so he could somehow be featured on teh GameDay opening:

“I’ve watched that opening so many times. I used to sit in my room and go, ‘I gotta write a song so I can get to the opening of GameDay. It’s pretty amazing.”

Lainey shared her excitement on Twitter, saying that her family thinks “she’s doing something now” and they were very impressed that she’ll be the voice of GameDay:

“I’ll tell you what…my family was REAL excited when I shared the news that I was singing on the new version of ‘Comin To Your City’ for college gameday!”

Lainey is a bona fide, college football lovin’ southern Queen, and I absolutely love that she’ll be included in this and I can’t wait to hear what she brings to the table on it.

She was the perfect choice:

And with week zero behind us and week one officially (read: finally) coming up this weekend, I can hardly even wait another day to hear that glorious College GameDay opening on TV once again.

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us, folks, and it’s pretty dang sweet…

Here’s the old Big & Rich version of “Comin’ To Your City” just to get you a little more excited for this weekend:

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