Yellowstone Tourist (Holding A Small Child) Full-On Sprints Directly Towards Mama Bear & Her Cubs

Yellowstone bears

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that bears are incredibly dangerous creatures.

Although they are typically afraid of human interaction, they are well known to stand their ground whenever they feel threatened, especially when it’s a mama bear protecting her cubs.

So, I can’t even fathom why someone would feel the need to sprint up on a bear, ESPECIALLY when it’s a mama bear with two young cubs nearby.

Sure enough, some moron tourists thought this would be a great idea at Yellowstone National Park.

In this wild, dumbfounding video footage, you can see the mama bear chilling off the side of the road with her two cubs, ignoring traffic as several cars appear to be stopped on the road to get a good look of the bear family.

However, things take a quick turn when you see a group of people, which includes a man holding an a very small child, exit their car from several yards away.

Next thing you know, the man in front sprints directly towards the bear family, and the man with the infant begins to run as well.

The cubs notice the man sprinting towards them, and quickly get closer to their mama.

The man who recorded the insane scene was Will Spencer, and his mother Carrie Dent told For The Win that it all went down by the North Entrance of Yellowstone on August 8th.

She told the outlet:

“I haven’t checked yet but I might have dash cam video that shows the ranger coming through and turning around, but I don’t believe he personally talked to or did anything with those crazy people.”

Needless to say, these people better be happy that the mama didn’t feel threatened enough to attack, because this one had the potential to end ugly.

Unfortunately, I imagine that no lesson was learned…

Check it out:

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