Oregon Man Narrowly Misses Collision With A Mountain Lion On His Dirt Bike

Mountain Lion dirt bike
Viral Hog

That was a close one.

And definitely not an animal you want to have a run in with…

Mountain lions or cougars are some of the deadliest animals to roam North America. They are known for their stealth and elusiveness, often not being spotted by their prey until it is too late and they are down.

They are fair sized animals weighing up to 175 pounds. Their strength is their speed and precision. They attack fast, with a lunge that can reach up to 30 feet in one jump. Then they hit right in the kill zone with a piercing bite and razor-sharp claws.

Yep, they are stone cold killers, who have earned their ferocious reputation.

Dirt biking is a great way to travel across the back country and trails. They are fast even going over rough terrain. And sometimes, it can lead to close up encounters with wildlife. Granted, not every encounter with wildlife is the kind that you’re hoping for.

This dirt biker is seen ripping through some trails in Oregon.

Out of nowhere a mountain lion runs right beside him, changing direction just enough to avoid getting hit.

The rider says:

“I went on a normal ride up a familiar trail with my close friend at about 7-8 in the morning when I had an insanely close encounter with a juvenile mountain lion.”

That’ll wake you up in a hurry.


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