Flatland Cavalry To Release New Song “Oughta See You (The Way I Do)”

Flatland Cavalry country music
Fernando Garcia

When you think of great country music bands of the last decade, it’s hard not to have Flatland Cavalry in the conversation. And it looks like they are going to keep that train of musical momentum rolling with a new song debuting at the end of this week.

Fans of the band should mark their calendars for this upcoming Friday when “Oughta See You (The Way I Do)” becomes available, and with Turnpike and Zach Bryan both dropping records this Friday, it’s sure to be one helluva weekend.

Flatland has been busy this summer, touring on their own while also helping out Luke Combs as openers during his stadium tour. They’ve also another song this year with “Last American Summer” at the end of June, which was accompanied with a heartfelt music video. With all of these new songs dropping, you would think there would be an album on the way…

They’ve teased a new one with visuals of them in the studio, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Flatland Cavalry fans just have to keep making it from single to single for now, which isn’t all that bad considering they’ve been putting out a good amount of them.

So far, I’ve enjoyed “Last American Summer” the most, and I’ll go ahead and say that just based on the couple of seconds we get to hear of “Oughta See You (The Way I Do)” from the teaser, it has the ability to overtake that throne. There’s something about the ensemble sound, at least lyrically, that makes me think this one might find its way on the Billboard country charts.

All we get to hear from the clip is the name of the song (presumably at the end of the chorus), then followed by a high-energy guitar solo. I guess you don’t want to give it all away with the song announcement…

Go ahead and listen below:

Three days ago, the band also shared this video to their YouTube page, and eagle-eyed fans figured that it meant that the song was on the way.

Take a look:

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