Detroit Tigers Broadcast Gets Awkward When Announcers Start Discussing “Sexy” Bachelorette Party During Game

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How many times in the past 10 years have you seen the news of an old baseball broadcaster saying something weird and jeopardizing their career?

This one isn’t exactly on the “canceled” level of commentary, though I could see it ending in some sort of suspension. Especially considering that another baseball announcer got temporarily dismissed from his team after basically citing statistics.

In this case, the Detroit Tigers and Cleveland Guardians were facing off on a beautiful summer day in Cleveland, Ohio. You’ve probably never thought of Cleveland being a good bachelorette party destination, but this group of women apparently jumped on the opportunity to take in a baseball game during their weekend trip.

Matt Shepard, the play-by-play announcer for the Detroit Tigers, finished reading up a spot for the team’s upcoming Marvel Superhero Night where the first 15,000 fans will receive a Black Panther bobble head. As he was making his way through the read, the cameraman honed in on a bachelorette party sitting in the stands.

Once Shephard finished speaking about Superhero night, he started making observations on the group of women sitting at the game:

“She’s about to get married right? That’s why she’s got that outfit on? And then she’s at a baseball game, good for her. A part of her little trip with the girls I suppose.”

One of the analysts calling the game with Shepard responded to the comments about the group of women, saying:

“Got her bridesmaids with her, a little bachelorette party going on here at the ballpark at Progressive Field.”

The video feed briefly returned back to the game right before they put the “bride-to-be” back on the screen. The woman was throwing back a tall-boy, which prompted Shephard to say the thing that’s got him in hot water currently:

“Nothing sexier than a girl drinking a Leinenkugel… They’re out having fun, that’s all that matters.”

Considering that both men got a tremendous chuckle out of the comment, I’d say there was no remorse between the two of them. Like I said earlier, probably won’t get Shephard “canceled,” but in this day and age, still probably not great to say that kind of thing over the air.

Take a look at the clip below, which was posted by Awful Announcing:

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