Kim Kardashian Brought An Entire Glam Team To The DMV & The Internet Was (Rightfully) Disgusted

Kim K
Keeping up with the Kardashians

Good Lord…

Isn’t the DMV enough of a nightmare?

I’m currently driving on an expired license (don’t tell the state of Wisconsin), because I’m dreading it. It’s my own personal hell…

So imagine showing up, and they have a damn photoshoot going on, complete with a makeup team, lighting, the whole nine yards… and it’s Kim Kardashian of all people making a spectacle out of it.

I’d get real ornery, real quick…

Well, that was the scene a few months back when Kim K and her team set up shop on the quest to snag the perfect driver’s license photo.

I assume this is California

Me? I look like an ex-con, meth addict that would steal the copper right out of your walls, but not the Kardashian Klan… has to be worthy of the cover of Vogue Magazine.

Don’t you realize this is why people hate you?

Granted, I’m sure she arranged a private appointment that was after hours, or before the place opened (looks like a ghost town there), but still… could you be more obnoxious about it?

Nevertheless, the internet was quick offer up some A+ commentary:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock