Watch Viral Sensation Oliver Anthony Cover Tyler Childers’ “Charleston Girl”

Oliver Anthony country music
Oliver Anthony

Oliver Anthony has been the sensation in the country music world since his Radio West Virginia performance of “Rich Men of North Richmond” went viral.

He took off with the video, capturing the attention of fans with his unfiltered, yet captivating lyrics and rough around the edges delivery style. He is the definition of having an honest grit.

Watching Anthony perform is such a treat, but I often find myself deep in the comments section reading how viewers receive each of his videos. One common thread has been the names of great country music artists he reminds them of.

Some of the names listed include a young Hank Williams Jr., Tyler Childers, Chris Stapleton, and Zach Bryan, to name a few. While reading all of these comments has made me recognize where all these thoughts came from.

Although I immediately saw remnants of each artist within his sound, I always got Tyler Childers vibes from Anthony. Maybe it was the red hair and beard…

Oliver Anthony clearly saw the comparisons and resonated with the  Tyler Childers’ comments, posting a snippet of one of ole Timmy Tyler’s songs.

A few months back, Oliver posted a part of “Charleston Girl” on his resonator guitar to his TikTok account (which has been garnering views and comments for quite a while).

I would not oppose Oliver Anthony releasing a full version of this cover. I am craving more than the snippet…

Undoubtedly, Anthony is now an uncovered gem, and people will listen to whatever he chooses to sing right now. Hell, he could sing “Wheels On The Bus,” and I’d still tune in.

@oliveranthonymusic Replying to @umbrafly I don’t normally do Tyler songs, but I’m partial to this one #charlestongirl #tylerchilders #country ♬ original sound – Oliver Anthony

And while we’re at it, let’s take a look WAY back to a fresh-faced Tyler Childers performing “Charleston Girl” at Longwood Antique Woods in Lexington, Kentucky.

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