Komodo Dragon Swallows Entire Goat, Who Keeps Screaming From Inside The Dragon’s Belly

Komodo dragons attack goat
Wild Dragons

It’s really hard to believe komodo dragons are actual animals on this planet.

These massive dinosaur looking creatures can grow to be 9 feet long and weight 200 pounds. They use their speed and bite power to attack prey and are capable of taking down entire creatures in just one large swallow, like we saw one do to this deer.

Another video of these insane monsters just came by my feed and quite honestly, it made me a bit uneasy.

Taken on Komodo Island in Indonesia, the clip shows a baby goat meandering in some brush outside of what looks to be a small village. I don’t think the people filming would purposefully let one of their livestock go get mauled by a dragon, so I’ll assume this was some type of wild goat or maybe one that escaped the pen.

A little ways back in the tree line, you can see a massive komodo dragon walking around, trying to find the best angle to attack with. It’s able to get behind this poor goat, who has no idea what’s coming for him.

The komodo makes its move and pounces towards the goat, who begins running off into the tree line for safety. Unfortunately, it didn’t put in quite enough effort and the dragon was able to track it down easily and grab a hold.

The goat begins screaming in pain as the komodo grabs its head before lifting it up and swallowing it whole. Tragically, you can still hear the poor thing screaming from inside the dragon’s belly.

Brutal, just absolutely brutal.

Komodos have to eat too, but the way they do it is just so violent…

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