Zach Top Delivers Incredible Acoustic Performance of “Bad Luck”

Zach Top country music
Zach Top

Can’t get enough of Zach Top these days.

Last week, the Washington state native gave an acoustic performance of his 2022 single, “Bad Luck,” and it’s a certified twanger. The single, released in late 2022, highlights the step back in time jukebox sound that Top fans love, with some witty lyrics about a string of “Bad Luck.”

“Y’all been lovin’ this song out on the road.”

He captioned an Instagram video promoting the acoustic version.

The acoustic version made me fall in love with this song even more.

The stripped-back melody of Top simply accompanying himself on the acoustic guitar lets his vocal talent serve as the star of the show. The twang and raised vocal inflection at the end of the line make the lyrics flow perfectly.

My favorite lick of the song is when he talks about his string of misfortunes in his love life. The way he wraps up the verse by saying he bought a rabbit’s foot is the perfect way to tie in an old wives’ tale about items that bring you good luck:

“My first love said she’d love me for life
Slipped out one night never told me goodbye
My second love convinced me love again
Then she left me for my best friend
My third and fourth went crazy as hell
I even bought a rabbit’s foot but that didn’t help.”

Top is shaking up the music scene with his authentic sound that appeals to everyone. From young country music listeners who crave fresh takes on the genre to fans who grew up listening to Alan Jackson and George Strait, they all love Zach Top.

Rumor has it that if you don’t listen to this acoustic performance, you’ll be cursed with “Bad Luck…”

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