Jelly Roll Stops By Chesterfield County Jail, Brings Heartwarming Jam Session To Recovering Addicts

Jelly Roll country music

Jelly Roll has the biggest heart.

One thing fans love about Jelly Roll, outside of his music, is that he does not try to hide his past and always finds a way to bring hope to those incarcerated.

The Chesterfield, Virginia, chapter of HARP (Helping Addicts Recovery Progressively) is a 100% voluntary program dedicated to helping inmates gain and keep sobriety.

The group has been active on TikTok (from the administrative staff), sharing scriptures, poems, raps, and songs that inmates part of the program have written. May of the verses cover the feeling of having hope, starting a new chapter in sobriety, or highlighting positive affirmations to hype yourself up.

Recently the inmates have been posting asking Jelly Roll to stop by before his show in Chesterfield.

@harptiktok @Jelly Roll we need a favor! #harptok #jailtok #jellyrollofficial #fpy ♬ original sound – HARPTOK

Jelly Roll made the inmate’s day and more when he stopped by the county jail before his show to not only bring them a message of hope but to have the ultimate jam session.

As Jelly Roll walks into the common space, the inmates cheer wildly, bringing Jelly Roll to tears.

“I heard y’all “Need A Favor…”

I was watching on TikTok before y’all started calling for me. 

I don’t even think y’all realize the impact that you all are having. When I was here, we didn’t have a program like this. We didn’t have people like us come talk to us. 

Can we play some music with the boys?”

The room is roaring with the voices of the men singing every word of Jelly Roll’s songs with such passion—a truly incredible moment for these men to have.

Jelly Roll has recently been compared to a modern-day Johnny Cash for his prison stop-ins to perform for inmates. Jelly Roll is beyond candid with his run-ins with the law and the time he spent locked up, and beyond his story being incredible, it also spreads hope to those in a position he once was in.

Artists like Jelly Roll giving back always brings so much warmth to my heart.

The power of a jam session will go miles for this group.

“Went and spread some love at the Chesterfield County Jail before our sold-out show in Virginia Beach.”

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