Ric Flair Recalls Leaving Rehab & Going Straight To The Bar: “6 Miller Lites, 2 Jack & Cokes, 2 Ketel One & Cranberry”

Ric Flair
This Past Weekend

There may not ever be a more well known, and more beloved wrestler on this planet than the Nature Boy himself, Ric Flair.

There’s no telling the wild nights the former wrestling star has been through throughout his 74 years.

Luckily enough, the guy is still kicking and is always willing to tell a great story or 12.

With that being said, Flair recently made an appearance on Theo Von’s This Past Weekend podcast, and recalled a story about the time he went to rehab for 35 days due to his alcohol abuse.

He said that he felt his heart beating abnormally after taking steroids one day, and his buddy said he thought it could be cardiomyopathy, and told him he needs to stop drinking.

So, Flair said he drank the near non-alcoholic beer O’Doul’s for a year.

And on top of that, he also went to rehab.

Flair hilariously recalled his time at a rehab in Tampa, Florida, with some hardcore roommates and the doctor at the facility… who was a PATIENT himself:

“So my roommate is a doctor from Ft. Lauderdale that’s there for digesting crystal meth anally. 

The other guy is a 23-year-old who was taking 40 milligrams of  Valium, at 23, you don’t think he was vibrating? The other guy I don’t know what the hell he did but it was so far fetched, and here’s the deal.

I go there and go through all the physicals and all that… the doctor checks me out… I wake up in the morning… I look across the courtyard, I’m smoking a Marlboro right? And I’m drinking a cup of coffee, and I said to the guy my roommate, I can’t remember his name, I say ‘Isn’t that the guy that looks like the doctor?

I said ‘What’s he doing here?’ They said he’d been a patient here for five years. I said ‘The doctor who takes care of us is a patient? What?’ I couldn’t believe it!

So I walk up to the counselor and I tell her, ‘Is that f*cking guy, does he have a license?’ (She says) ‘No they pulled it.’

Well, why was he practicing medicine? It is a nut house, I was in the f*cking nut house. I mean I cried, I went ‘This is a nut house.’ I’m full of nuts.

When the doctor is taking care of ya, giving you shots, prescribing you medication, and he’s a five year vet.”

Although he was spending some time in rehab, he ultimately caved… in a way that only Ric Flair could.

He walked out of rehab, straight to a bar, gave them his sobriety coin, and ordered enough drinks give a small horse a buzz:

“They gave me a coin, I took the coin and walked it down the street, walked into a bar, put it on the counter and I said ‘You can have this, you can frame it and say Ric Flair was here.

Give me six Miller Lites and two Jack and Cokes, and two Ketel One cranberry and limes, and drank them all right there.

Then I had a woman pick me up and take me to the beach.”

Never change, Ric. Never change.

You can check out the full conversation here:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock