On This Date: George Strait Released “Easy Come, Easy Go,” His 25th Number One Single

George Strait country music
George Strait

There is a reason he is called The King.

Many artists dream of getting one number-one hit, but  George Strait has a total of sixty under his belt.

Thirty years ago today, Strait released his 25th number-one single, “Easy Come, Easy Go,” marking the near halfway-mark from all the number-one singles he has put out to date.

Released as the lead single for his album Easy Come, Easy Go, his fourteenth studio album held not one but two number-one hits. “I’d Like To Have That One Black” also charted at the top.

“Easy Come, Easy Go” was written by Aaron Barker and Dean Dillon, outlining one of the mutual endings of a relationship. While both parties still love each other, the lyrics outline a conversation realizing they were not meant to be:

“We tried to work it out a hundred times, ninety-nine it didn’t work
I think it’s best we put it all behind before we wind up getting hurt
No hard feelings darling, no regrets
No tears and no broken hearts
Call it quits, calling off all bets, it just wasn’t in the cards
Goodbye, farewell, so long, vaya con dios
Good luck, wish you well, take it slow
Easy come girl, easy go…”

This single is the quintessential George Strait sound we all know and love; heavy twangs, Texas two-step guitar riffs, and lyrics that will have you humming along whether you know the words or not.

The song debuted at 57 on the Hot Country Singles chart two weeks after its release, working its way up to number one, where it sat for two weeks in October of 1993. “Easy Come, Easy Go” was also the first of Strait’s singles that landed on the Billboard Hot 100 chart at 71.

“Easy Come, Easy Go” is a George Strait single that needs more recognition… a phenomenal tune.

Here it is live from the CMA Awards from 1993.

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