Brave Puppy Doesn’t Back Down From Big Brown Bear During Heart-Pounding Standoff

Puppy scares off bear
Viral Hog

Man, this pup doesn’t know any better, but he looks like he has a death wish… or maybe just the biggest balls in the animal kingdom.

It’s no secret that a bear, even a rather small one, has the potential to quite easily rip you to shreds if given the chance, especially if it’s a mama bear that feels like you may be a threat to her cubs.

But just because we know that bears are dangerous, that doesn’t mean that this 7-month-old pup does…

Just like this one from Romania.

The dog and its owner went for a walk in the mountains, when a brown bear made its way to the roadside.

Unfazed, the dog makes its way over to the bear, getting as close as only a couple of feet away, just staring it down and barking ferociously enough to hopefully scare the bear away. While brown bears generally don’t tend to spook as easily as black bears, the only hope for this pup is that the bear thinks better of ripping it to shreds.

Sure enough, after it lunged at the dog with a false charge, and saw that the dog was going to continue to stand its ground, the bear didn’t want any part of the good boy and slowly backed away.

But my only question is… where is the owner in all of this? He said he was just going for a hike in the mountains, but that might be the most casual reaction to a near-death experience that I’ve ever seen. Near-death for the dog, not him…

However, the brown bear makes up 60% of the bear population in Romania, and have been responsible for several attacks on humans as more and more people continue to settle in the Carpathian Mountains.

So who knows, maybe this doggo saved its owner from being a victim in one of these attacks.

Good boy…

Yellowstone Driver Comes Upon Massive Wolf Wandering At Night

Hate to have that thing come after you…

Yellowstone National Park might just be the most incredible place in the entire United States.

No matter what time of day you go, what time of year… you’re always bound to see something incredible. Whether it’s bear, elk, wolves, or bison, you’re getting a front row seat to the best that American wildlife has to offer.

Siddharth Gandhi was able to catch an incredible moment on video (in 2017) when a massive grey wolf wandered onto a two lane road in Lamar Valley at Yellowstone National Park. His video racked up over 11M views to date.

This thing is a BEAST… I mean, it looks like a dire wolf straight out of Game of Thrones.

Equally as majestic as it is terrifying.

Check it out up close… nature is a beautiful thing.

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